RCS - the SMS of tomorrow

RCS is a new technology that will boost the SMS market by integrating :

  • brand identification or branding,
  • interactive elements,
  • rich media content,
  • analytical data,

in order to deliver a branded, interactive mobile experience in the native Android messaging application.

Experience RCS on your mobile!

Please enter the following information to receive an RCS message from our HighCONNEXION agent.

You'll be able to carry on a conversation and test different types of interaction.

At any time you can interrupt the conversation and opt-out by replying STOP.

24,6 million

compatible smartphones in France


campaign open rate


conversation rate

Some of the advantages RCS has borrowed from other media channels:


immediate notification and ease of use


enriched with media, customized to the brand's image


secure, with complex functionalities and data collection

Examples of RCS use cases

More than 370 companies and associations use HighCONNEXION solutions to grow their business.

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