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   consumer events    

   trade events

   sports clubs & associations

   corporate events

A platform for all type of players from the events and/or sports world

With YOURSEAT, you can create your ticketing service quickly, easily and cost-effectively. You can also benefit from the support of our teams and our complementary marketing solutions.

Paid & free tickets
Invitations for the general public and private events
Customized invitations and prices
Secure payment by credit card or SMS
Management of gauges, subscriptions and VIP packs
Box office solution
Statistics tracking and analysis
Scanning application
CRM and SMS & e-mail communication


A complete platform for managing partners and promotional codes, to optimize and manage ticketing.
Complementary options: SMS ticketing, push SMS, coupon wallet, fast and guaranteed funds transfers.
A team to help you set up your ticketing system.

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