Full-service programming for your MARKETING CAMPAIGNS!

Do you need visibility?

Choose our SMS, VMS or email marketing solution. Target an Opt'in prospect base around your business or according to specific criteria, and drive traffic to your point of sale!

  Drive to store 

Brand awareness

Opt-in data collection

  Communication around your POI 

The FULL SERVICE solution includes :

Understanding your needs and defining your target audience

HighCONNEXION helps you write the SMS that will capture the attention of your potential future customers

Rental of a qualified contact database

with over 35 million contacts available:

100% of our contacts are OPT-IN, allowing you to refine your targeting to the maximum.

Campaign programming and support throughout the process

Statistical reports and analysis of your results

In addition to acquisition, sending SMS marketing is a loyalty-building strategy for relaunching your own database, retaining your regular customers, communicating about a new product...

All these strategies will make your products & services a must!

More than 370 companies and associations use HighCONNEXION solutions to grow their business.

Join us and take your business to the next level.