Gamification platform

SMS+ & Internet+ games

MGS - Media Game Solution ​


your audience by creating events around the game contest.

Build loyalty

towards your customers and recruit new prospects.


your audience and your content on your communication media.

Creation of multi-channel & multi-media contests

A premium-rate SMS game lets you monetize your games via a 5-digit short code

Web & mobile

A Web & Mobile game can liven up your media, create an audience and collect data


A short or long audiotel number allows you to monetize your games on different call or per-minute rates


Expand your database with games from your antenna's switchboard


Choose your channel:

SMS Games, Audiotel, Web & Mobile, Antenna.

Choose your mechanics :

Draw, Winning Rows, Instant Winners, Wallet, Ticketing...

Set the date and time, then distribute the game.


Distribute your contests across all your media: website, social networks and your mobile application with our M-GS SDK!

Thanks to our online Back Office, analyze the performance of your actions in just one click!

  • Retrieve all data
  • Draw your prizes
  • Track participation rates
  • Analyze your financial reports
Collect and Analyze  

Quickly visualize and analyze the performance of your actions and export the data collected.

Collect and exploit your data!

  • Segment data by participant
  • Create a qualified Opt'In database
  • Build participant loyalty

Centralize and follow-up

 Use your collected data, centralized in a CRM, to organize targeted marketing actions: Push SMS, push notifications, e-mail, voice messages...

Increase your participation rate for each of your of your games! 

Game rules
We can help you design and write the rules for your game.  

Our team is committed to boosting your performance and optimizing your actions.  

Let's work together to create attractive, customized games!  

Become an expert on the M-GS platform!  

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