Donations by SMS

Thanks to its privileged relationship and direct interconnection with the main French telecoms operators, and its status as a payment institution with banking approval from the ACPR, HighCONNEXION is able to offer NGOs the possibility of collecting donations by SMS.

This payment solution is innovative, secure, simple and immediate. Debited directly from their operator bill, donors can now make donations by sending a simple text message.

All funds collected are donated to charities. Much more than just an optimized user experience, donation by sms has enabled associations to launch campaigns or televised fundraising programs for major causes in association with the media.

This innovation, created and launched by HIGHCONNEXION, has been a success with users, and has increased the number of donors to associations.

Simple and immediate, donating by SMS is a new way for associations to develop their resources

and enables them to broaden and rejuvenate their donor community.

How does it work?

Sending the keyword by SMS

The user sends the keyword DONATION by SMS to the dedicated short number allocated to the organization concerned, indicating the amount to be donated.

Receive donation status

The user receives a reply SMS summarizing the amount donated, and a confirmation of payment of the donation.

Tax receipt

The user can generate a tax receipt from the association to benefit from a tax reduction.

Payment on operator invoice

Donation amount deducted from the donor's cell phone bill or debited from the donor's prepaid account (no VAT).

HighCONNEXION en partenariat avec France Générosité, l’AF2M et les opérateurs @BouyguesTelecom, @Orange, @SFROfficiel, @Free, @LEGOS et @BTBD vous invitent à découvrir le fonctionnement du don par SMS par cette vidéo explicative.

Vous pouvez retrouver la liste complète ici 👉

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