The solution for paying and reserving tickets by SMS

In agreement with telecom operators, High Connexion launched event ticketing in 2023, the purchase of a ticket for an event or match via a simple SMS message.

Following in the footsteps of donations and transport ticketing, event ticketing makes it possible to make a specific purchase via your cell phone bill. The SMS is actually the payment instrument. You no longer need a bank card or change to buy a ticket. Event ticketing is therefore also a queue-breaking solution, ideal for last-minute purchases, and offers the possibility of paying very quickly via your mobile phone.

How does it work?

I text a keyword to buy my concert ticket

I receive a confirmation SMS with the url of my ticket

(in PDF or WALLET format, containing all the necessary information and a unique QR Code)




+ Easy to check via the HighScanner app!

High Connexion advantages:

In France, High Connexion is the only player to offer this solution.
We hold a telecom operator license, enabling us to work closely with French operators and offer this service with Orange, Bouygues, SFR and Free.
Support in managing and configuring your ticketing system.
Management of relations with operators to open the service and collect funds.

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