Expert in innovative marketing solutions, High Connexion has developed a complete platform for sending e-mail campaigns. Simple, intuitive and effective, this solution guarantees you'll get your message across clearly and at the right time, to build customer loyalty, promote your offer and convince your prospects.

way to generate leads
click-through rate
Create your own personalized message

Create your message from our platform or import your HTML file.

Target your populations​

Delineate and target your audience with precision. Import your customer file or create one directly from our platform. 
Monitor your campaigns

Send your campaigns instantly or schedule them. Use relevant indicators to analyze the performance of your marketing actions.

Detailed statistics accessible from anywhere
  • Detailed reports (click-through rate, open rate, link tracking)
  • Data filtering (age, gender)
  • Behavioral analysis
  • Unsubscribe management
  • Reminders

More than 370 companies and associations use HighCONNEXION solutions to grow their business.

Join us and take your business to the next level.